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Welcome to Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach

Sue Dickson's award winning Sing, Spell, Read & Write Home kits and School Curriculum for Pre K, K, 1 & 2 are now available from SONGS THAT TEACH.

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Compliment from Barbara Pettijohn (CA) on SSRW: "I have a CA teaching credential in elementary school and have taught in public and private schools.   This is the BEST program that I have ever gone through.  I am now homeschooling.  I've used Hooked on Phonics, A-Beka, MCP "Plaid" Phonics, and this is an extraordinary program!   My daughter is only a kindergartener.  She went through the kindergarten program in six weeks.  We're now at week 14!  And, oh my goodness!  We're just starting on the long vowel words, and Sing, Spell, Read & Write makes it SO easy!   This stuff would just take so long, even in private school with the A-Beka program.  I'm so glad that I chose it!  I'm just absolutely thrilled, and I think every child should get the privilege of going through this program.   Just had to let you know that, and if you could let the author know that or whoever can help promote this program!  My daughter is just eating this up!  I definitely made the right decision!   Effortless!" 

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