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The Declaration of Independence

Declaration Of Independance

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The Declaration of Independence - Restated For Kids

Music and curriculum by teacher/author Sue Dickson

Teach your family and students about the U.S. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Relive the inspired words of Thomas Jefferson and learn what they truly mean!

Includes the Declaration Song in various mixes to use for plays. Enacted on track 3 is Thomas Jefferson delivering powerful words to the King of England, then explained thought by thought by the teacher for kids to understand. We parents can learn too!


1 – The Declaration Song 3:04

2 – Introduction 3:02

3 – The Declaration of Independence (Letter to the King) 17:34

4 – The Price They Paid (The 56 men who signed the Declaration) 3:20

5 – The Declaration Song Instrumental (no vocals) 3:04

6 – The Declaration Song (vocals lower volume) 3:04